Friday, December 07, 2007

Some Friday Funtasticness!!!

First, I got my baby, tonight. I LOVE it! When I got home, all I wanted to do was play. I was able to do the basic notes that I learned last week without any problem. (No lesson this week.) I had such a hard time with my first guitar that I didn't even practice. It was painful and frustrating. My "baby" is sweet! I even just sat and did the up and down the neck thing picking out notes similar to ones that I learned in the first three positions, and I did the picking at the stings thing with my strumming hand. I was very happy-really smiling for the first time this week.

I asked if money was really the concern when I spent all those years begging for a guitar. You see, my grandmom was not a nice woman and I had a feeling that it was more to do with her control issues. Turns out, as I found out tonight, that she didn't want me to play guitar. This is the same grandmom that told my friends they were going to hell. Yeah. That was a nice home to grow up in. (Dang preposition!)

Next, I have a Christmas gift idea for you! Are you looking for something special to give to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband? I have got the perfect present for you: RHINO POOP!!!! It is being auctioned off on eBay and will help fund conservation efforts. (Click on the link below for the story.)

Geez, Wyatt, you were probably sitting on a gold mine yesterday and didn't know it! HA!

(H/T: CNN)

Finally, in keeping with our thoughts being on WWII today, I thought I'd provide this little nugget of neatness. During WWII many ingenious ways of "getting over" on the captors of allied troops had to be created. It turns out that the game, Monopoly, was used to ship silk maps to those receiving care packages in POW camps.
The British used John Waddington Ltd., a company that not only had the ability to make the silk maps, but also had the non-U.S. license to manufacture Monopoly.

I think that is so freakin' cool! (Click on the link below for the story.)

(H/T: CNN)


DBA Dude said...

Good to hear that the Ovation has landed. Next step is practice with it while you are making your blog rounds - so that you can make your moves more instinctive.

von said...

Good luck with your ovation. I've never owned one, but I've played them on a few occasions. They are nice. I could just never get used to the round back. It just always felt a little uncomfortable.

RT said...

Instinctive moves will take me a very long time. Just think of all the time I get to practice over my breaks and the summer, though. :)

Let's just say having a round back is comparable to it fitting like a puzzle piece. You don't have the curves I have. ;P