Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok, so I've got nuttin'.

I should really be asleep, recharging for another day with my "angels." (Oh, were they bastards for the sub...they will pay.) However, I've only just taken my Tylenol PM, so it will take a 1/2 an hour to kick in and knock me into dreamland. I tried looking for something to post, but actually writing something of substance would take effort and brain cells, both of which I am sorely lacking right now.

After much thought, I realized how nice it would be to relive the Flyers' victory over the Penguins. It was a fun game to watch (well, after the Pens scored to quick goals).

First, the highlights:

Next, the reason most of us watch about 85 percent of the time (I watch just watch a lot of the time, even if the Flyers aren't playing.):

Now for some news. Guess who is pregnant!! NO. NOT ME! (That would take a mighty big act of God. Mary and Elizabeth-like.) I just thought my male readers would like to see the object of their affections is now with child.


USA_Admiral said...

At least when have nothing you can still come up with stuff for a decent post.

My daughter has been called an angel but I know the teachers meant unrepentant little bitch. I love her so but it bums me when she is mean to her teachers. She is in first grade so there is still hope of her gaining some empathy.

Pens wiped out again. I liked the Pens in the old Lemieux days.

Fight night in Philly.

Hard to imagine Susan Storm or Dark Angel with child.

I hope all goes well with them.

RT said...

Well, thanks. I think because I had a stomach virus for a week that I was just a little to YouTube-happy. ;P

I think it has more to do with the kids and whatever they've got going on in their minds or even their lives. They see us as a target, because they are detached from us enough--they don't have to deal with us at home. I try to not take stuff personally. I'm lucky, I've only had a few kids that I couldn't win over. I've get a lot of the hard cases, because I have somekind of Yoda-like qualities that gets them to believe they can do things and succeed.

Ummm...what was my point?

Maybe it is a fear of looking weak that driving her? Kids are like that. Maybe she'll grow out of it. That whole empathy thing doesn't kick in until about junior year. That's what I've noticed.

RT said...

Yeah, me be speakin' English good, eh?

I didn't proofread that comment...too tired and the brain goes faster than the hands.

Wyatt Earp said...

Cash looks like such a tool! Gawd, I'm gonna puke.

RT said...

You'll live.