Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mamma mia that's a Swedish meatball!

Book your plane tickets! June 3, 2009, you are going to Sweden!

ABBA is going to have a museum built in its honor in Stockholm, Sweden.

The band is donating personal items from their time in the band. Also included in the museum will be a dance floor and recording studio.

Hey, I could go act out my childhood of standing in front of a mirror, hair brush in hand, trying to sing all the parts (only dogs from around the neighborhood could hear my attempts) while performing their "choreography."

Hey, people laugh, but they still sell 3 million records a year.

Now, that is what I call a retirement plan.

(H/T: CNN)


Wyatt Earp said...

Vinnie is buying his tickets now!!!

RT said...


USA_Admiral said...

Obviously they have some appeal; still. Yeah I listened to them.

Great post and old video 1974.

Mrs Grim said...

Still gotta love Dancing Queen!

RT said...

They are fun! Plain and simple.

Mrs. G:
Here ya go!