Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rhime of the Ancient Camilla

I've always wanted to take one of the Trans-Atlantic cruises from NYC to England and then go on up to Scotland.

The worrier I am, you'd think I'd have thoughts of the Titanic and a feeling that I should pack my water wings, right? Nah. Hey, after all, this is the modern age. We have the most amazing radar equipment and since the tragedy of the Titanic, ships have a pretty good track record (pretty good). Omens and bad luck be derned, eh?

Well, maybe.

Camilla, Prince Charles's mistress turned wife, failed to break the champagne bottle at Cunard's launch of the cruise liner, the Queen Victoria. This is an omen of bad luck. They should have just hung an albatross around her neck and put her on board after that.

As bad luck would have it, 78 passengers became will with the norovirus.

While I highly doubt that poor Camilla is to blame (easy target that she is), perhaps passengers should realize that when you travel in a contained area, others might not have good habits of cleanliness, and therefore, you have to be really clean.

As luck would have it, racing great, Jackie Stewart (anyone remember him from his post-racing days on Wide World of Sports?) was on the ship and called it the "cruise from hell."

I wonder if he called the race to the bathroom?



Jeffro said...

I'll bet "The Wee Scot" still has a move or two in him - heh.

RT said...

Much movement. HA!

Wyatt Earp said...

I'm surprised her face didn't break the glass. Blecch, what an ugly broad!

RT said...

Yah, she's a little rough. Ugly girls need love, too, Wyatt. Some of us are nice. ;P'''''''

Old NFO said...

Anybody that voluntarily gets on a cruise ship is nuts... If you knew what could and does routinely go wrong, you'd never set foot on one.

I've seen 'em broke down DIW, on fire, seen the crew abandon ship and leave the passengers, and seen them hit growlers up in Alaska because the mate driving was drunk... Nope, not me, not even for the Queen's suite.

RT said...

Ummm...I think I'll fly, then. I'll need lots of something to keep me calm, though.

I once flew from Detroit to Philly (not even an hour) with my head in my lap, crying. The cabin pressure, sound of the engines, and fear of death were just too much for me.

The two nice men from Texas sitting next to me let me sit between them. Hmmm...young, 18 year old, blonde, busty....HEY! Those pervs! (No, really, they were nice.)