Friday, December 07, 2007

Pearl Harbor

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of that fact. The National Geographic has a section, "Remembering Pearl Harbor," where you can read accounts of the day and view a multi-media selection.

I've had the privilege of hearing first-hand accounts of WWII from the father of one of the teachers at my school. He saw the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

I've also had the opportunity of hearing the story of a holocaust survivor.

These are times in history that we must never forget. If we do, then we are doomed to allow our present dangers consume us in a way that will weaken us.

We can never forget.


USA_Admiral said...

Great post RT.

Those that fail to remember are doomed to repeat it again.

Old NFO said...

Thank you for remembering RT.

RT said...

Thank you for your service. Most importantly, thank you to all veterans who have put their lives in harm's way. Pearl Harbor is a glaring example of how deceptive peace can be.