Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A MEME-Voluntary, of course

This is a really easy meme. Search Google images for the following items:

(H/T: SoHos)

Age you will be on next birthday

Place you'd like to travel--Scotland, where else?

Favorite Place-anywhere with mountains and lakes.

Favorite Objects

Favorite Food-Yummy, fried chicken and mashed potatoes!

Favorite Colors--red and black.

Nickname-Don't really have one, but I had a teacher that called me "Sleepy."

Place where you were born--not in NJ, but in Philadelphia.


USA_Admiral said...

These are cool.

Scotland would be a killer place to see also.

Since I read the fried chicken and mashed potatoes I have been unable to get it out of my (Tiny) mind.

RT said...

I can't eat KFC, but I love fried chicken (Chicken Holiday--if you have it). My mom makes really good fried chicken and I make a killer mashed potato (lots of cream and butter). YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!! Comfort food kicks.

I have relatives in Scotland I've never met and I'd like to put flowers on my family's plot at Holy Rood. My great grandmother had her body shipped back to Scotland from Canada to buried there.

SoHoS said...

Too cool. I love it. Scotland would be a great place to see. Especially if you have relatives there. I love (and miss) my mothers' fried chicken and mashed potato's. I miss it b/c she is in Alabama and I am in Texas.

RT said...

Yeah. I've had cousins and an aunt that have found their way to visit Scotland, but hopefully in a couple of years it will be my turn. I'd like to see where my Great-great grandfather had his sporting goods shop and the family home. It has a name and everything. Pretty cool.

My mom is a really good cook.