Monday, December 17, 2007

Did I hear you right?

On my links list, I have a couple of "overheard" sites. One of them is especially from the Philadelphia area. It can be pretty funny at times. I read it once in a while and I just saw these and thought I'd share. While the language is rated R, in context, it is all really funny. Enjoy.

As Long As The Candy Cane Matches All Is Good In The World

Older woman looking at Christmas ornaments, loudly: "Here is what you need! Look at these! Who doesn't love big brown balls!" Everyone looks at her.

Younger woman whom she is with bursts into laughter.

Older woman puts down box and sheepishly slinks into the next aisle.

For This I Endured 40 Hours Of Labor?

Middle Aged Woman with 2 goth/punk rock teenage daughters (wearing chains, ripped stockings, snow boots and a vest)

Mom: "So, if your shoes could talk what would they say?"

Goth Punk Chick #1: "Obscenities, and nasty words and ya know, Fuck Bush, Fuck Cheyney, Fuck everything and everyone."

Goth Punk Chick #2: "My shoes wouldn't say anything. they would look at her shoes and just think, 'Damn, that is one crazy bitch'"


DBA Dude said...

People say the funniest things when they think they are not being overheard.

Will have to check out the site tomorrow.

RT said...

I overhear and see lots of things. I usually pretend I don't out of not wanting to embarrass the kids who are making idiots of themselves.

Tonight, for example, I saw a kid sticking a large round object up his shirt and wishing he had another as he felt it up and caressed it.

Yep. That's my life.