Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A time to share. . .

I don't really have any original thoughts, tonight. Ok. I do, but I'm too pooped to put them together. However, these are some items that stood out to me during my walk around the bloggy-neighborhood.

Old NFO has an amazing first hand account of waterboarding and the training that goes along with it. Honestly, all I can say is WOW. It left me speechless.

Wyatt dissects TIME's decision to name Vladimir Putin its 2007 Person of the Year. Putin creeps me out on sooooo many levels.

TJ's Anti-Contrarian has some Christmas cheer for us. Tee hee.

SoHos is talking about sex and its health benefits. Is that why I feel so crappy? Anyway, I have no memory of sex. I hear it is nice.


Jeffro said...

What is this "sex" thing of which you speak? I forget.

USA_Admiral said...

Yeah; SoHos did that post justice. Putin is just a crazy creep.
Waterboarding is what the senate and congress should have to go through every year they are elected or re elected. I bet Kennedy would bawl like little liberal.

Wyatt Earp said...

You can admit it; you dig Putin!

RT said...

No clue.

Kennedy + waterboarding = ironic!

He's 5'6", just a tad too short for me.

He's interesting in a really creepy, cold, calculating way.