Monday, December 10, 2007

Funny and Good

A certain Rangers fan (that shall remain nameless--Wyatt) sent a clip to me.

What smells of old cheese, bad rhythm, and gayness? THE NEW YORK RANGERS! What's worse than the Flyers in their long pants? Phil Esposito dancing in a Sasson jeans commercial. I wonder how many drinks they had in them to do this? Ooooo, la la!

While I listen to some loud, obnoxious music, lately, I've been developing an ear for music that calms me and lyrics that I like--that seem more poetic than "the world sucks."

This is a clip of Kelly Joe Phelps's song, "Crow's Nest." I was going to go see him play this past weekend, but I'm a chickensh*t who needs to learn to go places by herself. Here are the lyrics, too, if you're interested.

If you would like to know who won the caption contest this week, click HERE.


USA_Admiral said...

OMG; Esposito had better still be getting paid for that Sasson episode of gayness.

You are on your way to making your baby sound like that. Just don't let the girls get in the way. ;-)

Wyatt wins again. It was a great caption too.

Captain America said...

They had to get Esposito because Wyatt was unavailable!
Stinking Rangers fans.

DBA Dude said...

That dude is one talented guitarist, will have to check him out.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

RT said...

No wonder Esposito is such a jerk...he's been compensating for that commercial ever since.

My eyes hurt now. Thanks.

You should listen to his slide guitar. He's awesome. I really like his lyrics, too.