Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What's the sudden fascination?

Lately, a lot of my hits have come from similar searches to this:

While, I concur that he strikes a lovely figure while missing his shirt, why the sudden fascination with HUGH JACKMAN SHIRTLESS and/or HUGH JACKMAN BEACH TOWEL? (Seriously, if you go to my sitemeter and click on referrals, you'll see it.)

I kind of like this one, better. He's hot without being super cut. Well, in my humble opinion.

I wonder what Colin is thinking?


Mrs Grim said...

Sigh, Who cares what Colin is thinking! or Hugh Jackman for that matter. There is no reason for them to think, they can just be.

RT said...

Well, they could be...never mind. HA!

Jackman's picture, lower left (our left), just above the towel. HOT!!!!

Colin...always hot!

I'm gonna cry, now.

Anonymous said...

Well he told me he was thinking of me but I'm not sure I believe him...

RT said...