Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weird Dreams

I have some kind of virus. I can't eat. However, I can sleep like a bear in hibernation. With that sleep comes dreams, weird dreams. Since I have nothing to post, I thought I'd share one of those weird dreams.

I had a dream last night that I rented a home for the summer, on the beach, in South Carolina. Now, I turn red as a lobster when I'm out in the sun and I'm not one for beaches (prefer mountains and lakes). Also, I couldn't imagine renting a house, on a beach, for an entire summer. As much as I love staring at the ocean, I'd get bored. Oh yeah, the dream.

So, I pull up to this house and it is a mansion! WOW! How did I swing that one? Next to it is a very normal house (this will be important later). Instead of a narrative, I think I'll just list things. (See first sentence--so not feeling well.)
1. It rained a lot. Thus, I went shopping at Bambergers (now Macy's). Apparently in this dream, Bambergers was all the rage in South Carolina and they had my size (although in my dreams, I'm always skinny and blonde--scratches head).

2. The house next door? Well, it turns out that a guy I once, ummm...no details needed, lived next door with his girlfriend (he's married now) and his daughter. *Wonders to self, is this dream about past mistakes? Huge mistakes?

3. In the dream I decide to have a high school reunion--a sleepover reunion. Well, it is a mansion. Two things you need to know: I quit high school my senior year (long story) and I was the outcast. If I ever have a huge house party, they won't be invited. In my dream, I remember being on a constant hunt for a bottle of champagne from which to drink. I used to be a lush. That was normal behavior for me. Accidentally hit someone in the head with an empty bottle trying to drink from it--good times.

4. So, back to the guy: In my dream he kept coming over to offer his help with cleaning up after the guests, offering to run errands for me, and just wanting to hang out. Weird. He offered other stuff, but I wasn't buying. Bought his snake oil once, won't buy it again.

5. My mom did come to visit for a weekend and she was driving a silver sports car. Yep, she went shopping at Bambergers.
I wonder what all of this meant. I also wonder where I got all the money for this trip. ;P''''

Hey, what do y'all want for free?


Mrs Grim said...

Wow, interesting - maybe you had a fever? I sometimes have weird dreams early in the morning, if I've been woken up and fall back to sleep right before it's time to get up. I remember Bambergers, they used to be big around here.

RT said...

That's when I had the dream. I woke up early, realized I had taken a personal day (now shot to hell), and went back to sleep and had this dream.

USA_Admiral said...

I am so glad I can't remember my dreams. I have enough problems without being whacked out with my strange dreams (refrigerator repairman comes to mind).

Hey At least your house was bigger than the residence of Mr. Snake Oil.

SoHoS said...

I can sleep like a bear in hibernation.

Ok. I feel MISERABLE and slept like 30 hours...Now I am weak but no fever left. Super sore throat...Do you have this too? It is weird. I was having such a weird dream that I got up and put on my jeans...Count goes where are you going? It was the middle of the night????

RT said...

Maybe there was something to that dream? He once called me a year after our parting, 3,000 miles separating us, to call me an a-hole. Hmmm...was he looking in the mirror at the time?

I had a low fever off and on until last night. Luckily, I haven't been hit with the respiratory thing that's going around. Mine might be a combination of stress and stomach virus.

Never got up and put on my jeans after a dream. You must have been on a mission. ;P Feel better.