Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Pics

While I did not take pictures of dinner and dessert (trust me, they kicked patootie), here are some pics from my day. (Click on them to enlarge if you need/want to.)

First, to get into the house, you have to get past my dad and his body guard. (Ok, I took this when I left, but you know.) My dad took my picture with St. Nick. St. Nick tried to put the moves on me, but I wasn't having it. He's only in town one day a year and that's just not enough. Men.

My dad loves getting cards from people. This reminded me of when I was young. I lived with my mom and grandmom. We attached our cards to string with really tiny clothes pins. I always thought we were really popular. However, when I got a little older, I realized we put up pretty cards from years past, too.

Finally, this is my dad flipping through a book I got him. He loves photography and this book has a ton of beautiful images. If you look closely at the television behind him, you'll notice that the channels will only get changed via a turn of the dial.

I had a really good day with my dad. I hope you all had a great day with your families! :)


USA_Admiral said...

My Mom would hang our Christmas cards by a thread from one wall to the other usually in the living room. She dated them every year and she must have had a hundred of them. Good memories.

Old Santa either can't hear too well or just likes to do what he wants. I still never got that GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip yet. I guess he figured out you are not that kinda girl. Then again next year he will probably be the same old guy.

Nice pictures and I am so glad you had such a nice day with your Father.

RT said...

I'm glad I had a really good day with my dad, too.

Mrs Grim said...

Glad you had a nice day, RT. We enjoyed ours as well, but it is always over so quickly. We have one more family party next Sunday, and then we won't see some of those folks again until next Christmas, unless there is a wedding or funeral(God forbid) in between. It's depressing that families don't keep in touch more.

RT said...

Mrs. G:
I had a really nice day. It's funny, my dad told me a few months after my grandmother died that I'm an adult now and that I shouldn't call him daddy. (Made me sad, kind of...he's my daddy.) I was reading the card he gave me for Christmas, today (really sweet card) and he signed it Daddy. I didn't notice that to be honest.

I probably won't see the relatives on my mom's side until next Christmas Eve. We used to have a really close family.