Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My lesson

Alright, so I spent the last four days in bed doing nothing and going nowhere. Did I practice my guitar? No. Did I practice for 2 1/2 hours before I went to my lesson tonight? YUP! Could almost do my whole notes backwards. Ok. Probably not earthmoving for you, but I'm proud of myself.

Tonight, my usual teacher was busy with another client (and tipsy), so I got a lesson from the other guy (owner). When he wasn't playing along with me, he was nursing a bottle of what appeared to be Gray Goose. Back in the day, I used to polish off a lot of vodka and even drank an entire bottle one night (didn't even hurl). But wow, if I tried to do that now? Y'all would visiting me in the hospital. Dude's got liver-muscles.

I enjoy my time at my local music shop. They are characters, but they are musicians that actively play and if you show real interest, they like ya. So, what did I learn tonight? I learned how to position my left hand so that I can press straight down in the strings, how to do an e-chord, c-chord, d-chord, strumming at different tempos, and how to position my strumming hand so that I don't have to rely on sight for strumming.

I think they get a kick out me because I give them crap for their musician tendencies (read: drinking and goodness knows what else) and I'm a smart ass. That's actually the one thing I miss about being around musicians--the fun of being around creative people who think in a bazillion different ways.

When we did the chords, we played "name that tune." I tried to think of songs I could place with the chords. I have a really sick ability to hear one strum or a note of something and know the song (not every song in the world, of course). Where's Name that Tune when I need it? HUH? (I'd probably club
Kathy Lee, though.)


Mrs Grim said...

Enjoy! It sounds like you are having a great time with the new baby!

RT said...

I'm having lots of fun. I completely forget about work and all of my other distractions. It is a great stress reliever.

USA_Admiral said...

I bet it is fun. I bet you make it fun for them too. Nothing like a sassy girl to get you laughing.

RT said...

You know what, they always go over a half an hour and we do have fun. They know I really want to learn and I have a sense of humor about it.

I was singing "Master of Puppets" for them while I strummed my chord in 16th (time?). Heh. I can imitate James Hetfield a little bit. ;P