Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some fun stuff

With the really bad news (probably sending an already sketchy part of the world in more turmoil) of the day. I thought I'd unearth a funny clip and a song I've always really liked.

First, is a hilarious clip that I have totally stolen from Dragon Lady. Be sure to head over to her site and leave comments, too!

**some salty language**

Next, I was watching the Kennedy Center Honors show last night. One honoree was Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. One of my all-time favorite songs is "God Only Knows." I think it is really pretty.

"God Only Knows"
The Beach Boys


Mrs Grim said...

You're batting a thousand with your song choices this week, RT! I like this song too, and it was the theme song for one of our fave HBO shows last season, Big Love. So I got to hear it at least once a week for the season.

RT said...

I could ruin that for you. I could post Slayer or something. HA!

Wilson is such a talented man. It's sad that he has been so troubled (good to see him doing better these days).

It was cool to watch him really enjoying the performances of his music. Diana Ross was really enjoying that moment with him, too. It was neat to see.

USA_Admiral said...

Tom Mabe is a genius.
Very good time listening to this one.

I don't really like the Beach Boys but I know all their song. IRONIC I am.

RT said...

Dragon Lady tends to find some really funny stuff!

I'm not much a fan, myself, but I do really like "God Only knows."