Sunday, November 12, 2006

Your Choice

I'm going to temporarily forget that this country totally screwed itself this week. I am going to put aside Elton John's belief that what he has to say about religion is relevant. I'm going to not choose sides in the Britney/K-Fed split..well I'd side with the kids in any case, but whoever raised their parents don't deserve to raise the grandkids. You know that whole Democrat, ready-to-pull-out-of-Iraq, beginning in six months thing? Yeah, I'm choosing to ignore it today. My brain might explode. I'm also ignoring the speculation that Joe Lieberman will register as a Republican. As much as I admire his willingness to stand up to his own party on a trivial amount of matters (not that all the matters are trivial), I don't think he is a Republican. I wouldn't mind his vote in the Senate, though. I'm going to put aside all of those things. Watch the end of the Nascar race and enjoy the pretty flowers.

Daisies are my favorite flowers. Not only are they colorful, but they also always seem to reach as far they can for the sunshine. Almost like how we should reach for the good things in life as far as we can. While we can't control the world (still convinced FIAR and FM think they can) and we can't control what others think, we can control the most important elements in our lives. We can choose to not let the things of this world drag us down into a rut. We can choose to love (whether it is successful or not is another thing). We can choose to hide and not confront the hardships of life, or we can choose to fight with determination. I think I will resolve to reach for the good things and choose determination.


Rachel said...

I got so pissed off at the talk of cutting and running that I joined Soldier's Angels and adopted a soldier. I cannot control what the Dems are going to do, but I can let this one guy know that there are some of us standing behind him 100%.

Besides, now I have a new excuse to shop. ;)

RT said...

When I shop I still look for stuff to send to soldiers. It becomes a part of you, as weird as that sounds.

I have to shop for my former student tomorrow. That is something to look forward to...I think I'll send a Mad Magazine his way in addition to the goodies.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Everytime there is a new headline this week I feel like putting my fingers in my ears and saying, La la la, I can't hear you.

Like Rachel, I am thinking of doing something for our soldiers at Christmastime. My kids and I are going to send a care package.

I decided to focus on humor on my post today so as to ignore the stuff you're ignoring also!!

The nice thing about Pelosi being in the spotlight now means that she'll get made fun of more. Not much consolation but a little :-).

RT said...

I try the same "la la la" tactic with my students once in a while. It is good for a laugh, but for some reason it never works. Darn.