Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some Sweet Stuff

Sweet: My dad is cute. Today, we had our weekly lunch date. The 15th is his birthday and he said he keeps telling people that he is 68...the year I was born, and I will be 38, the year he was born. I love my dad's innocence and genuine spirit. In fact, he was upset with himself that he did not send my mom a birthday card on behalf of my bed-ridden grandmom. They are divorced. ('s b-day 10/27, grandmom's..10/'s 11/15...that's a lot of b-days at one time.)

Sweet: I went to Barnes and Noble today for a journal to keep track of how I feel vs the food I eat and how I feel when I am in that dreaded mold-infested classroom and if it is raining outside...I'm noticing a trend of bronchial issues. Anyway...(ramble, ramble), I found a little book titled Hockey Haiku. Here's one that I thought was really good.

Don't let the pink ice
fool you. This goon's lagoon ain't
for Barbies. That's blood.
-Poch & Davidson

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