Saturday, November 11, 2006

Flyers? Spirited Hockey????

Ok..the Flyers are losing 3-2 to the Sabres. BUT...they are playing with some oomph! Good, physical hockey! YEAH!!!! Could they be showing a few blips of life on the screen?

In honor of the spirited play (hope they win), I have dug out my hockey haiku book by Poch and Davidson and offer these gems: (We lost, but at least it wasn't a drubbing.)

During the game, it's
Jagr: Master. Afterwards,
it's Jagrmeister.

(Yes, Wyatt...that was for you.)

Bad midlife mullet.
Chewing gum won't restore youth.
Barry Melrose: Why?

Buffalo Sabres
have a buffalo mascot,
no sword. This is Zen.
(Well, Rachel...I had to, sorry.)

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