Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hang Him High

Caveat: I don't do serious very well.

I don't usually write about stuff that is too serious or current events. I like to let my very eloquent blog buddies do it. (I'd just be a cheap copy.) However, I want to comment on the Saddam Hussein verdict. I hope that his death will end a dark chapter in Iraq, that the people will see that he is gone and that they can get on with their lives. I feel like a Pollyanna making that statement, but somewhere in their souls they have got to muster the courage to change their country. Unfortunately, I do not think they realize just how much positive power for change they possess.

I want to be optimistic enough to say that Hussein's death will inspire change, but the Iraqi way of life is so inherent to violence and corruption that I doubt much will change. If it does, it will take decades. But, it is comforting to know that if change does progress over decades, the change in Iraq will benefit future generations. I'd like to see the people that suffered under Hussein experience a much more pleasant way of life, though. Even our founding generations had that opportunity.

I'm glad we went and ousted the prick. I'm glad he's going to die. I hope the Iraqi people have the victory of seeing Hussein die and the importance of it seared into their minds.

I'm not sure how to sum up all of this. These are just my thoughts. I want to be optimistic. I want to believe there will be change. I want to believe that Hussein's death can be a symbol for Iraq to flourish, just as the deaths of other maligned rulers have inspired positive change.


Insolublog said...

They should have shot Saddam in public, early in the war. It would have had a complete spirit breaking demoralizing effect on the insurgency. Allowing a U.S. liberal attorney like Ramsey Clark to engage in the worst type of legal pandering our system has to offer, was a mistake. Oh well. At least there was Uday and Qsay.

RT said...

I thought they should have shot him ankles up to his head...missing the heart on the way up to the brain so that he was alive for it.

I am pretty much a non-violent person and wouldn't hurt a fly. However, if a terrorist was placed in front of me...