Monday, November 13, 2006

Just Because...

I had a very unrestful night and a very stressful day. So...I'm lacking in much orginality and inspiration. I'm taking the easy way out, I'm gonna do headlines and column titles. I hope you all are having a nice evening.

1. Gas eruptions likely formed "new" moon features
Talk about a pain in the ass.

2. Moon's surface shows signs of a gas burp
Must be all the beer the man in the moon is drinking.

3. Chinese doctor nominated to the WHO
Pete Townsend and Roger Daultrey are claiming that it is a Communist plot to take over aging rock bands.

4. Republicans look to Reagan era for inspiration
Ummmm....shouldn't this have been the inspiration going into the elections and how the government is run????

5. Pelosi backs Murtha as House Democrat leader
Stupid is as stupid does.

6. Cruise arrives in Rome ahead of wedding
Seals off all possible escape exits

7. Dinosaur City planned for Texas in 2008
Special exhibit will feature Kennedy and Byrd.

8. He drives awfully fast, for a dead guy
Registered Democrat breaks the barriers of life/death and speed to vote.

9. Sex homework
Can I get extra credit?

10. Twenty eunuchs start collecting taxes in India.
Democrats model how to empty taxpayers' pockets. Plans to outsource are in the works.


Ssssteve said...

Kennedy's bones have been "perserved" for many generations to come!

RT said...

They don't smell like formaldehyde, either. More like scotch.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

LOL :-) I enjoyed those!! And I pointed out recently that if you don't think some voters are idiots look at how many times Kennedy and Byrd have been re-elected. Its almost scary!!

RT said...

Not almost, it is scary.

And, thanks.