Monday, November 06, 2006

Things I'm grateful for, today...

1. Sexy men in kilts! Don't have to be wearing my family tartans. Yowza!
2. I finally finished those horrible, dreaded essays this evening. Tomorrow after school...everything else...will I ever get caught up from when I was sick?
3. I generally have really nice, sweet students.
4. My former student, with tourette's and ADHD exclaimed that he loved that one of the tourette's things or does he mean it? Sweet kid...highly misunderstood by many teachers. I'm the only one he did not torture. I think I remind him of his mom.
5. I will be sending goody boxes to my former student in Iraq. I love sending goody to someone I know! (bittersweet)
6. I didn't fall asleep driving home tonight.
7. I have off Thursday and Friday. I'm doing the happy dance! Now to find something to do Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
8. The guys on Prison Break are hot.
9. Did I mention men in kilts...well some men in kilts, are hot?!?!
10. I'm grateful for the cool, crisp air that smells of fireplaces and wood that smell.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

The guys in Prison Break are hot. Especially Wentworth Miller!! Thanks for joining Wyatt and I on the blog ;-)!!

RT said...

You're welcome. For once, my memory kicked in and I watched. I jumped back and forth from yet another lame Flyers game. Had fun! :)