Friday, November 10, 2006

Hmmm....Conspiracy Theory #1?

I have a really bad habit of over-analyzing. It is a trait I do not like. However, it comes in handy when I read literature, watch a movie, or take part in anything else that has a "deeper" message.

So, bear with me on this one. I was in my workroom at school on Wednesday (pre-Rumsfeld announcement). A teacher was leaving the room and said something about Bush and "his party." I responded with, "Is it really his party?" I said this because the party that Bush saw throughout the Reagan years and the party he had alongside him in Texas does not exist. It has been gone for a few years, at least. In its stead have been circus barkers that resemble Republicans, but seem to be otherwise a lot of the time.

When the announcement of Rumsfeld's "resignation" was made, at first I thought...great timing boneheads, but then I had a second thought. Certainly Bush isn't stupid enough to not realize that had this announcement been made days earlier it could have tipped some of the races. Then I thought...what if Bush did it on purpose because he's pissed with the way the Republican party has become and with how they screwed up how they handled their positions of power in Washington. Maybe he ensured change.

I know...I'm over-analyzing. However, I read a blog post at, by Will Bunch, that kind of makes the same assertion. I don't totally agree with this guy, and I certainly know there are plenty of holes that can be punched through his argument (and mine). Thinking can be an interesting thing, though.

I'm not a theorist, and I really am not a confrontational person...that's not the reason for this post. I just thought it was interesting.

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FIAR said...

If it was written by Will Bunch, I would disregard it completely. The guys a conspiracy Lefty nut loon kook who's rarely, if ever, said anything resembling "sensible."