Thursday, November 02, 2006

Let November "sweeps" begin!

It is November sweeps in tv-land. So, why not extend the sweepiness to the blog-world?

This November, for your readership, I will do the following:

1. I will drink lots of booze and blame it on a need to be more relaxed when I grade.

2. I will go to that married guy's house and deliver a "health warning" to his wife.

3. I promise to stop using the word awesome in my truly valley (Delaware Valley) girl way.

4. I will smite terrorists with both hands tied behind my back. I will use only my piercing blue eyes!

5. Instead of offering charitable or physical help to the disabled and ill...I will only mock them...unless of course they give me bacon.

6. I promise to visit each blog on my links sidebar at least twenty times per day...hey it is only about five more than I already do.

7. In a move orignated by Wyatt for more ratings, I will post girly loveliness for my male blog-buddies.

8. For the two or three females...I promise some major beefcake. I don't need much encouragement, though.

9. I will continue to participate in a YouTube 12-step program and will try not to rely upon clips...unless of course you have requests. Pandering isn't beyond me.

10. In an attempt to spice up my blog, I will blow up cars, buildings, have people involved in high-speed chases, and I will display torrid love scenes. Oh wait...I can't hook up a camera to my apartment...too personal.

And in a move unknown to tv-land, I will entertain reasonable requests and suggestions. :)


dragonlady474 said...

Sweeps...what a great idea! :) I'd better get on the ball. I guess I picked a bad time to finish the Chronicles.

RT said...

I'm a people pleaser. :)

FIAR said...

Let the RTube continue. My name is FIAR and I am addicted to YouTube.

Pandering rules!


RT said...

Awww....shucks. Now I have to go troll YouTube. I'm thinking something funny is in order.

Insolublog said...

>I will drink lots of booze and blame it on >a need to be more relaxed when I grade.

That would be Moloko Plus for a Clockwork Orange fan.

RT said...

My glazzies will see the words better. Afterward, perhaps I'll go to the MilkBar and sit and plot mayhem with my droogs. I'll drop kick some gullivers or something.