Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A peek inside the vacant mind...

Some things that went through my head today...

1. Why don't these students use the writing lessons and resources I've given to them (and their teachers before me), to write really good essays with excellent assertions/opinions and credible textual evidence to support their opinions? I read the book. I don't need a book report.

2. Why do students ask me a question (multiple times within seconds of each other) after I explained that one point just minutes before?

3. If I read a headline that states, "Miami zoo hosts poop exhibit," does that mean the Democrats have changed their minds about when and where to have their next convention?

4. Why do honors students think they still only read for plot?

5. Does using big words mean you're smarter than me?

6. Why does grading make me amorous? Why do I think about amorous matters so much?

7. What the hell is that kid wearing?

8. I really wish the NEA/NJEA would not insult my intelligence and send me voting "recommendations."

9. The commercials stop Tuesday night, right?

10. I can't believe cricket players in Pakistan got caught doping. Hmmmm...wonder what the punishment'd think cricket would be punishment in itself.

11. That Rick Santorum ad with him knocking out a wrestler is funny.

12. Yeah, idiot! Slam on your brakes in front of the state trooper...he won't notice that you're doing 85 mph when you cause a twenty-car pile up...ass.

13. Who started a baker's dozen?


John D. said...

8. I really wish the NEA/NJEA would not insult my intelligence and send me voting "recommendations."

They're just trying to relieve you of the overwhelming burden of independent thought. Boy, I wish I had a union to do that for me. I have to rely on the mainstream media. But it's ok, I know they're trustworthy because they tell me they are.

9. The commercials stop Tuesday night, right?

They'd better, or I'm throwing my f***ing television into the Hudson River. My radio, too.

wrecksE said...

No kidding, come on Teusday night...

wrecksE said...

Grading makes you amorous? Is it the good grades or the bad ones ;)

RT said...

Why should we have to actually think? I bet John Kerry has the answer!

That's gonna be one polluted river!

Just think next summer....all the presidential bs is gonna be on hyperdrive leading up to the conventions the following year. You know, because it is never too early to begin annoying the voters.

I think it is the stress of a serious answer. As a non-serious could be the ADD and I am looking for a major distraction. Could be all the teenage hormones leeching into my skin from being around the numnuts.

FIAR said...

1. Because they can get away with how they are doing it.
2. Because they weren't listening
3. Yes
4. Because they are smarter than you
5. Yes
6. I was thinking about something naughty, could you repeat the question?
7. I don't know what it's called, but it looks like a soup bowl in his ear.
8. They aren't aware that you have an intelligence to insult.
9. If the candidates want to live they will.
10. I concur.
11. Meh.
12. Probably a mathmetician with a sense of irony.

RT said...

1. Not with me...and I've had some of these kids within the past couple of years. WTF!

2. What? They are too busy thinking about their tortured souls.

4. Hey....they are reading SparkNotes. Oh...guess that answers one and two. I gave my kids an hour long quiz today...because I know they aren't reading. One kid's copy of SparkNotes slipped out of his notebook and onto the stayed on the floor...keep in mind he already has three days detention with me.

6. You're not listening! Guess you need detention, too....a special detention.

7. See, I always thought it was a wine bottle cork impaled by a spike.

8. Huh? I was thinking about puppy dogs and butterflies.

9. Is that a threat or a promise?

10. The only thing worse is Jai Lai (sp?)

11. Get-over-it and have a sense of humor. ;)

12. Good one!

rachel said...

9. Then they switch from politics to Christmas.

RT said...

How many Isotoner glove commercials each year, eh?