Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Good Stuff...

Hmm...I need to share some good stuff today.

I went shopping yesterday and I just about fit comfortably in pants about three sizes smaller than what I wore this time last year. I still have a verrrrryyyyyy long way to go, but I'm off to a very positive start. Recently, I have had two medication changes that have helped greatly.

While at the grocery store today, despite an idiot running up the back of my leg with a cart with a stupid kiddie car attached, I was able to walk pain-free, with a great stride, not Herman Munster-like, and with some of my girlish sway back in the hips.

I've recently noticed that I am gaining more feeling in my right calf and have almost no more neuropathy in my feet.

And a funny...can't believe I'm sharing this one...We had a fire drill yesterday. I walked so hard and so fast that my butt cramped. HA!

Have a great day, everyone!


FIAR said...

Glad your getting better, and I'm really glad you got back your girlish sway.

RT said...

I will have some fries with that shake!

I am beginning to realize I have more good days than bad, lately. :)

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Glad you're getting better and congrats on the weight loss. Its much more fun to go shopping when you can buy smaller clothes :-).

RT said...

Yep. The whole gaining weight while eating salads thing is just a bummer. I took my dad out for our Sunday lunch and I walked by a wall of mirrors and looked eight months pregnant instead of about twenty months pregnant. So, it is an improvement. It is nice when you notice a loss in weight. Any girl knows, you look in the mirror and always see the worst you've ever been. I'm encouraged. :) Thanks.