Friday, November 17, 2006

Monger Horde War Room

Decree from the Chief Mongress

My minions:

I applaud you in your desire to break free of the limp wristed leadership that has caused you much anger.

In visiting your new war room you will find that your new leaders are capable of leading you into the fight of your mortal lives. They will lead you into battle against the ideologies of the weak. They will model true mongerism by steamrolling through bastions of liberalism and mindnumbing, soulless group-think.

Defeat is not a word in the Monger Horde vocabulary; henceforth, it shall be banned in all forms of speech, public and private.

The Horde and its followers shall rise up to defend all that is right, ideologically and/or morally. BACONshall be your battle cry!

Through our victorious exploits you will never know hunger, loneliness, poverty, or wretchedness.

Power be to the Horde!

Now go kick some ass!

(That other "happy to be alive" person will be back when I let her regain control of her brain.)


Redneck said...

I figured we need a female's opinion to be the voice of reason. It's good to see that the female voice has agreed that our quest is just.


Oh and nice blog, by the way.

RT said...

You have good taste...and it tastes like Bacon®.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

You are perfect to be Chief Mongress :-)!!

RT said...

Well, they do need a level-headed, calming touch, now don't they?