Thursday, November 09, 2006

RT's Neighborhood...someone get me a sweater and Keds...

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood. The blog neighborhood where I reside is a collection of somewhat like-minded, yet very unique individuals.

Firsssssst we have Sssssteve from First with Flair. He is an overachiever, always trying to be first to comment...not to post, but to comment. His favorite hobby is to buy junk cars, drive them cross-country, and then donate them to the local salvage yard. He's a giver.

Sssssteve's had two cousins come to visit the neighborhood and it appears we haven't scared them out of town. Wreckse of Oregon, and Terri, who finds herself in the Middle of No Man's Land, have become pleasant, frequent guests. Welcome!

Then we have the town cop, Wyatt, always walking the beat looking for societal injustices and pictures of girls that remind him he is a man. Wyatt is working on developing a new career in personal training. He's up to the five pound pink weights, so in a few years, they might offer him a job. You might not want to speak to him on Fridays, as he is usually in a hateful mood.

Just as every town needs a hardworking lawman, every town needs a brave firefighter. CapnDen at First In is our trusted guy to drive "Big Red." When he is not fighting fires and saving lives, he is cranking up the Iron Maiden and dreaming of muscle cars....and denim jackets.

Our town security specialist is actually a UAW member...we call him CUG. He has an ample supply of steel to keep us safe from terrorists.

In the industrial park we have a group of travel enthusiasts called the Moxargon Group. I hear they travel to far reaches of the earth to find traces of intelligence. I don't think they found any in the U.S. on Tuesday. One troubling thing to note, one of their leaders, Remulak, has on the lookout.

Aerosmith has the toxic twins, and so do we. FIAR and Fmragtops use their biting sarcasm to remind us all who is always right and that we must always eat our bacon if we want to remain healthy...apparently fruits and veggies are not allowed since they are the mainstay of hippies. In fact, their hate for hippies goes back to when they were small lads. One thing to watch out for, though, FIAR tends to walk around muttering "boom, boom, boom" for some weird reason. We're working on his meds.

We also have our own Al Bundy-esque husband, father, crawl space explorer, and pool fixer--Deathlok. He also makes sure that the men have Men's Week End...not to be confused with a weekend. He recalls those weekends as drunken exploits, hungover sporting events, and cold showers; however, I have it on authority that they get homesick for their better halves and cry themselves to sleep after drowning their sorrows in guinness.

My neighbor, Rachel, is an IT freak! She is always happy to help with any computer explosions and men-are-pigs related discussions. She also loves men in uniform...well, partly uniformed. Btw...never ask her to go Christmas shopping. I do hear, however, that she is always up for a pint.

Now, every bastion of conservative thought must have one person who marches to the beat of an out-of-sync drummer. GrimJack, who is very intelligent and nice, quite often provides the opposite view to ours (at times), but we all listen to each other even if we might not all agree...well, we all vary a little in our beliefs anyway, now don't we? Warning: Grim does tend to get the sun and rain mixed up at times...don't hold that against him.

Everyone loves the "cool" mom. Dragon Lady is not only the cool mom, but also a student, writer, and pretty funny. The fact she likes Iron Maiden doesn't hurt her standing in town, either.

John D is our man of mystery. Not only am I convinced that his name is John Doe, but he also sounds like an FBI or CIA agent to me. Interestingly, he's also in the military, so I think he is out on special missions rounding up terrorists and he just can't tell us. So, he writes short stories, restaurant reviews, and quotes really good, old movies for our entertainment.

As I am a teacher, I can appreciate the enthusiasm of budding teacher, Peekah. His blog always has funny stories and fun jokes...he's our happy-go-lucky resident "super-dad."

Uber is another educator in the neighborhood. She is an artist and very smart lady. Uber visits the neighborhood once in a while...she has much more important things to tend to...but I know her buddies always appreciate when she visits them and when she takes the time to post.

Insol, the town sage and all around huge brain, uses his humor and intelligence to provide potent assertions about the state of the world, often including still shots of Star Trek. He also sends unsuspecting good girls like me to sites with boobies.

So that's our neighborhood. I think it is a good thing that no one is named Mr. McFeely, don't you?


Insolublog said...

With boobie links being handed out, I'm also glad there is no McFeeley in the neighborhood.

Nice linky love, RT.

RT said...

Can you imagine a children's program having a Mr. McFeely, today? Not to mention a "single" man who plays with puppets and toy trains who seeks to hang out with kids? How times have changed. ;P

Insolublog said...

Can you imagine the Flintstones having a Gay old time?

dragonlady474 said...

Thank you for the kind words and link RT! :)

Btw, how's the picture scavenger hunt coming along? Have your cornered anyone in the produce section yet? lol

Rachel said...

Nicely done!!!

Oh, and they can be in uniform, I'll take care of that obstacle.

RT said...

That would give "bam! bam!" a whole new meaning. I always thought something was up between Wilma and Betty (guess that's why Rosie portrayed Betty).

You are welcome. The scavenger hunt, or what looks like will be just driving around to find some pretty pictures, will commence tomorrow. I have school work to do today.


That is the fun part, eh? Ooops, did I say that out loud?

jt said...

I am almost convinced that Fm and FIAR are the same person.

Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time?

Me neither...

FIAR said...

JT brings up a good point.

Ssssteve said...

RT, thanks abunch! Good round up of our little neighborhood! There are some that I need to get to know a little better too!

btw, what comes in brown, paper wrappers? I am totally drawing a blank!

jt, I've seen Fiar, I hope your'e right. I'd hate to see if there were 2 of them! HA

RT said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! Comment mongering is welcomed here. I am beginning to think they are the same person. I'd say Jekyll/Hyde, but they both display a dark side. I've never seen either of them. Maybe they are controlled by H.A.L.

FIAR:'re right, yet again!

Yeah, don't turn into the hermit guy in the neighborhood. Your house will egged.

Brown paper wrappers...pRon, marital I've heard.

You saw FIAR and you didn't turn into a pillar of salt? WOW!

FIAR said...

I was in a good mood that day.

Ssssteve said...

No it's because my medicine is strong!!

wrecksE said...

Thanks for the link. Hope you have a great weekend!

RT said...

Wreckse, you're welcome and you have a nice weekend, too.

fmragtops said...

So who's Jekyll and who is Hyde?

RT said...

Hmmm....I'd say FIAR is Jekyll. He lives closer to me and I'm afraid to piss him off.

You'd have to be Hyde. Although, Hyde wins out in the end and destroys Jekyll. That is one consolation for you. ;P

There a whole "comment" on Victorian society in all of this, but I'm not gonna teach Jekyll/Hyde again until January when the semesters change. Therefore, I'm not teaching it now!

John D. said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words. I'm afraid that the truth about me isn't nearly as exciting as your theory. In fact, I'm so boring I even put myself to sleep sometimes.

RT said...

Well, at least you're well rested. :) My life is lacking in excitement, too.