Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things that make me want to shove hot daggers in my eyes...

1. Tractor trailers that ride my ass, in heavy rain, when I'm doing 65 the frakin' right lane! Please tell me where I am supposed to go...the shoulder?

2. Teenage boys bickering about how one of them hurt the feelings of a girl the other boy likes. They were bickering like old ladies. Grow some and shut up!

3. Students arguing a point, just to be contrary....grrrr.

4. Nancy Pelosi's fake, dentured smile, over-made face, and condescending voice. BTW...she rattled off a nice list of "gifts." Hmm...wonder how high taxes have to go to pay for all of it?

5. The thought of Barney Frank and Ted Kennedy having control over committee hearings/committees. Damn.

6. Having to listen to my very liberal colleagues talk about the election...any part of it. Apparently we'll have fuel alternatives and no corruption in D.C. now that they are in control. Dizzy dreamers!

7. I didn't finish my work at school and now I have work to do over my long weekend. BAH!

8. Rain. (Unless I'm in bed and just listening to it.)

9. All the Monday morning-quarterbacking going on in the media, today. SHUT UP!

10. People who take country music way too seriously (see my Faith Hill post (and read "Carole's" post)...the much visited one)...Ummm...I think we are at war...there are more important things to lose a wig over.

I'm cranky, I'm tired, and I'm pissed at the world...well, at stupid voters. Lemmings!


wrecksE said...

Me too, mostly. Can you take Country Music too seriously really? I think not, but Faith Hill is about as country as a soy latte...

RT said...

Seriously...the woman held in high regard as a symbol of aplomb had a was funny, unexpected, and what everyone in the world has ever wanted to see while watching an awards show. Just like Bush calling the NYT reporter and a-hole.

The old-school country guys are cool. They were rebellious and you heard it in their songs. They are worth taking seriously. However, Ms. Hill's first hit was a cover of Janis Joplin. She then followed up by helping to create the "new-young-flavor" of the moment trend that pushed out seasoned and more talented singers. And yes, just because she's from Mississippi, doesn't mean she hasn't gone "cosmopolitan" and is not "country." In fact, didn't she leave for an ill-fated pop career that no one took seriously? I know my FIAR will call me a poser. Oh I've aged, I've taken ganders at all types of music. (Always go back to hard rock/metal, though) many more times do I have to see a country singer prancing around the stage like he or she is a rocker, dressed in leather pants, no less...lookin' like a dork-wad????

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Pissed at the world about sums it up!! I've had a rough week, and I totally agree with this list. Especially the one about Frank & Kennedy having control over committees. Yikes!! By the way I've got you added to the blogroll. We seem to have a lot in common. Great blog!!

RT said...

Thank you LMC! I believe we do, too. said pissed. YOu have church tomorrow! I'm still struggling with that one.

You will be added to my linky dinks, pronto.