Friday, November 03, 2006

Some really stupid stuff...

So...I'm feeling kind of icky again. Hmm....maybe it could be that classroom. The other teacher I share the room with keeps feeling sick. It can't help that when they cleaned the filter in the system above my desk that black sooty stuff got all over everything. It also probably doesn't help that squirrels were somehow involved in all of this...yeah...I've been inhaling squirrel crap and piss and whatever else squirrels spread around. Nice....When I got really sick they decided to look at the filters. There is a mold problem, too...probably that black stuff.

Well...then on the way home I was so tired I fell asleep for like a second or two. I was on a two-lane road @ 45 mph. One second I was in my lane on my way to pick up the Boondock Saints (tomorrow night's entertainment...and the wine), and the next thing I know I my eyes open and I'm totally in the other lane. Good thing no one was in that lane...head on collisions aren't too nice, so I hear. I am a really careful driver, so that upset me beyond belief.

So...then for dinner I had Chinese. My two fortune cookies were excellent, so I thought I'd share them:

God will give you everything you want.
Wow! That would be amazing considering the crap-fest my life has been the past few years!

You will travel to many places.
Yep, Texas and Montana are where my friends are and will be living...I'll be taking some trips.

Have a good evening, y'all!


wrecksE said...

Crap-fest, that one made me laugh. I gotta get me some fortune cookies. Who knew it was that easy? Oh, and travel away, just don't visit France. There I reminded you...again ;) Hope you're feeling better!!!

RT said...

Yah, when I saw that fortune cookie about God, I got really happy.

Oh and ...thank you!