Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pimping and Warfare

Yeah, I know the two seem oddly coupled, but whatever.

Ambulance Driver has an amazing clip of a British gentleman giving his highly polished .02 about Saudi Arabia, Islamofascism and his beloved country. It is excellent, and while AD says the guy should run for Parliament, I'd take it further and say, Prime Minister.

Wyatt has Obama's plans for our defense (or extreme lack of it). It will make you say, "WTF!"

The warfare? This is kind of cool:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can get one of those for our Help Desk....

"The Help Desk thinks your question is stupid - ZAP!"

USA_Admiral said...

It is all about crowd control.

RT said...

I can imagine the questions you get. Can I use it for each time a kid gets on my nerves?

Ms. RT says, "You did not do your homework....bzzzzzzzzap!"