Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Aprilwine tagged me for a "Tag you're it" MEME. I'm to present to you five facts about me...all true. Oy.

1. I have an amazing capacity to hope, but I have a hard time believing good things will happen to me.

2. I have a guilt complex. Baptist guilt combined with legalism makes me responsible for every bad thing to ever happen to the human race, ever. Well, actually, it just makes me believe that I am a major screw up and that I am always ruining "good things."

3. I secretly wish I could sing really well. I sing o.k., but I wish I could tear the paint off of a barn.

4. I pray A LOT--off and on all day. Sometimes for students I see struggling, family and friends that need prayer, and for me (need so much of it).

5. I have a really good poker face.

I tag Mrs. Grim, Momster, and Dragon Lady.


USA_Admiral said...

#3 is Great!

"5. I have a really good poker face."

My guess being a teacher helped with that?

dragonlady474 said...

Okay, I'm finished!
BTW, you're only responsible for HALF of what's happened to the human race. lol j/k

Aprilwine said...

Hope is a great thing. Without hope there is no faith, right?

RT said...

Believe it or not, I have a really hard time keeping my poker face with the kids. I'm too easy to make laugh, and sometimes their inappropriate humor makes me giggle. Sad, but true. Heh.

Dragon Lady
See, global warming is probably all my fault, too. You know, all of those Aqua Net cans I plowed through as a teenager.


USA_Admiral said...

LOL, you giggling at inappropriate humor.

I needed a teacher like you when I was in school. I might have graduated then. When I was in school in Indiana we had a batch that were not good for students. I still got my GED 2 years before I would have graduated. I was in England when my class graduated.

RT said...

And you turned out fine! :)

There are a generation of teachers that had were the products of some funky ideas about kids, learning, and development. I had a couple of good elementary teachers, but after that, I can count on one hand how many good upper level teachers I had.

It is because of them that I try to be easy-going and without a power trip. My kids are all very different with varying levels of ability (even within their class levels). I try to make my classes very open, where the kids feel free to exchange ideas and opinions (with credible support). It creates a nice atmosphere and they end up learning a lot.

Btw., I have a GED that I received the winter after I quit school. Sometimes people quit school because life is interfering with the regular kid/teen things that should be going on--not because they had no desire to learn. If I didn't quit school and leave home when I did, I would have had bigger problems in my life.

Just so no one is afraid that a teacher has a GED, in college, I had a 3.75 GPA and I graduated 19th in my class. I was a double major and one semester (six classes) away from a third (I ran out of steam).