Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Song

Today's song is as a result of not only my meandering around YouTube and GodTube looking for a song, but also as a result of my need to remind myself just how big God is.

I think I tend to just look around and admit how big He is, but to truly believe it and know it is totally different. It isn't easy, since I'm human, and have my finite abilities to see and reason. However, I think it is time I started REALLY noticing just what God is able to do. We are to be in awe and wonder of Him. I think when we (and I mean me) start looking at God for who He really is, we (and I mean me) should be humbled by His power and excited by the possibilities of what that much power can do, because out of love, He exhibits all of it for us. . .for His glory.

"In Wonder"


Uber said...

Beautiful, RT. Thanks so much for sharing! I, for one, needed that.

RT said...

You are welcome. You never know how people will interpret matters of faith when they are shared (not that I worry too much about it).

I'm glad you liked it and got something out of it. :)

Rogue said...

I hear them on Air One occasionally.
Do you get Air One?

RT said...

I've never heard of Air One. I listen to a nationally syndicated station called KLove.

I've been listening to it more and more and it has definitely helped my mindset. :)

USA_Admiral said...

He is the Greatest.

Great Vid.

RT said...

Very distinctive voice. :)

I think the images sum up the message of the song really well.