Saturday, February 16, 2008

It all adds up: Week 7

Well, I managed to lose the pound I gained last week. I'm even. It's o.k., though, because I have noticed that I am building a little muscle in my legs. The past couple of weeks have been hard for exercising, because of my after school responsibilities. The next few weeks should be clear for lots of time to exercise, though. I just have to be patient, and as long as I don't go up the scale, I'll consider it progress. When my thyroid wasn't under control, I could easily gain weight, so I'm pretty psyched that what I've lost over the past year, I've managed to keep off.

I will have exercise, today, as I plan to go for a walk. The town I am visiting is good for walking, so I'm going to take advantage of it before I go to the play (
MacBeth). So, it's is off to get some breakfast, get some exercise, and get some culture. I'll probably spend some money. I'm thinking I'll support a local business or two.

Oh, my hotel food rocks! I got this burger. It was yummy and came with BACON! I love the little bottle of ketchup. I didn't eat the whole bun and most of the burger was vegetation. Note to self: when a flaming hot something is placed on a pickle for presentation, don't eat the pickle, since all of the flaming hot whatever is all over the pickle and your mouth will be on fire.

Dessert put out the flames:


Old NFO said...

You must be staying in a better class of hotel than I get...LOL Mine come wrapped in paper with little packets of ketchup. :-)

RT said...

Well, I'm paying for it, and I have decided that I should treat myself well. :)

Old NFO said...

Go for it!!!! :-)

DBA Dude said...

Good to see you living it up and enjoying yourself.

RT said...

I needed some "me" time. I'm glad I took the time for myself.