Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nectar of the gods

Would it be so wrong if I chugged the whole bottle?

It works well, but I want whatever is attacking my ears and throat to be gone, NOW!

I'm going to go back to whimpering. Now I know what that side of beef felt like in Rocky.


dragonlady474 said...

Oh God love ya, you have that thing that's going around! About the only thing you can do is knock yourself out until the symptoms are gone.

RT said...

I feel like I've beaten up by thugs with brass knuckles. The lovely liquid has broken the fever. But, I want to take Even my teeth hurt.

USA_Admiral said...

Get well soon Teach, This stuff really kicks ass.

I seem, since hitting mid 40's to have worse colds than I used to.

RT said...

I've been lucky. Except for the stomach flu that made its way through school a couple of times and got me, I haven't been sick at all. This is my first "cold." It feels weirder than a cold, though. It is all in my ears and chest. Hasn't really touched my nose/sinuses.

I knew I'd be useless today.