Sunday, February 10, 2008

Word Association

I've been sick all day. I have a fever, chills, aches, and generally feeling really ill. Thought I better post something, though. I saw this "meme" at Ambulance Driver's site and thought I'd do it.

I'm going back to bed, now. Well, I'm in bed as I type this. Whatever.

Wish I could stay home tomorrow. Maybe Tuesday, so I can finish the work I know I won't get done tomorrow.

I'm starting to whine, so, on to the meme.

What do you think when I say:

1. Beer: Like it cold out of the bottle. Unless I'm someplace nice, I prefer to drink it from the bottle. (Tickles my lips.)
2. Anorexic: More to it than purposely starving.
3. Relationships: Ummm. . .wish I could say I've had good ones.
4. Purple: Prince! "Purple Rain" is one of my favorite songs EVER!
5. Power Rangers: Ultra Man is better.
6. Weed: Shotgun! Not that I'd know anything about that stuff (Decades ago, before I was an adult...don't worry).
7. Steroids: Big, smelly guys.
8. Cartoons: Far Side!!!!
9. The President: He was left out to dry a bit, but also lost his resolve at times. He played the hand he was dealt and it wasn't a very good one.
11. Best vacation: I went to Monticello, once. I'd say the weekend I spent at the shore as a teenager, but I fell asleep on the beach---ass up. Ouch!
12. Santa Claus: I'm still waiting for the piano. He ate my cookies and left me Lincoln Logs.
13. Halloween: Celebrated by me, every day, for a good ten years.
14. Bon Jovi: Got kicked out of a free concert for bad behavior. We were mocking Jon. Saw him live at my college...he was really good and I felt bad about my bad behavior as a teenager.
15. Grammar: What's the point? No one cares or listens.
16. Facebook: From what I hear from my students, I want no part of it.
17. Worst fear: Being alone. I'm an only child. It will happen at some point.
18. Marriage: Try not to think about something that will probably never happen.
19. Paris Hilton: Whore.
21. Redhead: Used to have natural reddish/auburn hair. Now dye covers the gray.
22. Blonde: When I was...that's when I had the most fun. Considering it, again.
23. Pass the time: Sleep. I'm too busy for anything else most of the time.
24. One night stands: Other than it being the worst idea in the comment.
25. Donald Trump: Speaking of pimping your daughter.
26. Neverland: Needs to be demolished.
27. Pixie dust: Pixie Stixx. You know the tart sugar you suck out of a paper straw?
28. Vanilla ice cream: Boring.
29. High School: Demin jacket with a Metallica back patch for "Jump in the Fire," pinstripe jeans, and my first Iron Maiden concert.
30. Work: Considering a career change.
31. Pajamas: For old people and suburban moms.
32. Woods: Pine Barrens.
33. Wet Sock: Wear air-tight shoes.
34. Alcohol: Rarely touch it.
35. Love: Maybe someday.

Your turn.


USA_Admiral said...

That was pretty cool.

Redheads: Gray; already? ;-)

Neverland; I agree.

RT said...

I was in a really bad car accident 13 years ago and started going gray shortly thereafter. (Trauma and teaching teenagers = gray hair. Not bad, but enough to be noticed.)