Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Training

It's baseball season!! WOO HOO! That means nice warm breezes and lots of sunshine can't be far away. Hopefully, the Phillies can build on the excitement they created last year (won't hold my breath).

To kick off Spring Training '08, the Phillies played a prank on one of their pitchers, Kyle Kendrick. I've seen this type of prank before, but this one was handled in a very elaborate manner. (Brett Myers is the guy accused of beating his wife in public, in Boston.)

Btw., trades between Japan and MLB are not allowed. Guess Kendrick will learn his trading rules, now.

Let's hope the Phillies "stick it" to 'em this year!


Wyatt Earp said...

Stop stealing my ideas! Shouldn't you be in school???

BTW, my word verification was "RROIDO." Ironic, since we're talking about baseball.

RT said...

I don't have school, today. YAY!

Sometimes I think word verification is psychic. ;)

momster said...

Laugh out loud funny.
I don't know what fmtrodsr means though.

RT said...

Let's just say that rroido probably has another reason for Wyatt. ;)