Sunday, February 10, 2008

Foo Fighters-"Pretender"

The best part of the Grammy Awards? Foo Fighters! (Actually, a pretty good show, so far. Lots of music for once.) Dave Grohl is sooooo HAWT!!


DBA Dude said...

Great song from a great band.

Hope that you are feeling better today?

RT said...

I love the Foo Fighters. Their concert here is sold out. I wanted to go, but I won't go alone and I need railings on stairs.

Home and still not well. At least the fever and chills are gone. I feel like someone is doing the Mexican Hat Dance on me, though.

Mrs Grim said...

Too bad, RT, we actually have two tickets we are trying to sell. But I understand about the railings, sometimes it is pretty precarious going in those stadiums.

RT said...

My right leg isn't good at navigating stairs. I have to work at it. Having been in chronic pain the past three years, I haven't really wanted to work on my leg, but I've been noticing improvement in strength and pain and so, now is the time. :) It is more for going down steps than up. Wish I could go. I wouldn't have anyone to go with, anyway.