Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures of the Day

I must admit, I had a pretty nice weekend. Getting away for a few days helped me clear my head a bit and allowed me to relax. Once I got in NJ, the closer I got to home the crankier I became. The "F" word started spewing from my mouth...friggin' Jersey drivers. (Well, one in particular was from NY. They can't drive for shite!)

I digress. See, all that good relaxation is shot to kingdom come. (What? Am I my grandmother now? Next I'll be saying "heavens to Betsy" or something.)

As I said, I cleared my head a bit and have decided that perhaps I should look into going away for the entire summer. That will take some planning and creative financing (without creating debt). Since the town I visited this weekend will be quite deserted during the summer, I'll base my search on having two requirements: I need to have a slower pace (hopefully in the South) and I need to have fun. I'll keep you all posted.

O.k., on to some pictures.

These two pictures are of the architecture in Staunton. I love old, brick buildings. I especially love the iron balconies on this one. Perfect for flowers, eh?

This is a picture of me trying to capture the mountains. I wonder if the people who live around them every day have the same appreciation I do (because I never see mountains), or if they get so used to looking at them, they forget how beautiful they are.

This last picture is of something that was in front of me at one of the overpriced toll booths in Maryland or Delaware. No clue--there are so many on 95. What is this? Some kind of flotation device?


Old NFO said...

Those are floats for some kind of pontoon (probably a swim platform or such)...

Ssssteve said...

I'm sorry but those are not mountains! HA! I think I will post some pics of mountains on my blog later. Just so you will know what real mountains look like. jk!

DBA Dude said...

Where were you when taking the pics of the brick buildings?

Almost looks like you were in the back of one of Wyatt's paddy wagons :)

RT said...

Thanks. To see it in person was a bit humorous. Seeing him truck away at 80mph +/- was a bit unnerving.

Where I live, everything is flat. Them thar thangs is mountains to me. ;) (You should post pics of your "backyard." The view from my cousin's back door is Mt. Hood.)

I was in the parking garage getting ready to leave. Wyatt wishes he still drove that wagon!

I would have gotten out of the car, but the Mary Kay zombies that had a convention at my hotel were leaving, too, and I was afraid they'd attack me with their make up. (Caveat: I wear make up, just not at that moment.)