Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picture(s) of the Day

Today was a really crazy day at school. I can't really discuss it without giving away where I teach, but trust me when I say that I saw more law enforcement today than I have seen in one spot since our special "drills" over the past few years. No one was hurt everything was ok, and no one was armed. It's all good. Just crazy stuff.

The pictures...

Back seat drivers can be beary cute! This is my daddy's Valentine's present to me. Ain't he sweet?

My hairdresser had this at her station this evening. Guess I could use a guy like this, huh? (Treated myself to a spa pedicure and a much needed color and cut.)

I'm going away for the weekend. I'll be taking the laptop, so I'll actually have real pictures for you all! I'll tell you where I am when I get where I'm going. Let's just say it will be a very ironic destination given today's holiday.

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