Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Tonight, the Flyers inducted Ron Hextall into their Hall of Fame. I was very impressed with Hextall's speech. Not only was he eloquent, but he was also quite humble. To listen to the ceremony and Hextall's speech, HERE is Part 1 and HERE is Part 2--In total about 15 minutes.

While Hextall's career with the Flyers had its ups and downs (what player is always at his peak?), I will always appreciate the fire and the intensity he brought to each game he played.

My favorite memory of Hextall in net was a Flyers / Rangers game. I had seats about 10 rows up from the glass, behind the home goalie's net. The game was tight and there was plenty of action. The last few minutes of the game, as the Flyers led 2-1, the play just became so intense and mostly at the Rangers' end of the ice. Ron Hextall became so excited that he was jumping up and down in his crease and clanging the heck out of the pipes of the net.

Simply awesome.


Wyatt Earp said...


Great goaltender (at times) though.

USA_Admiral said...

LOL. I loved to hate him.

He is due.

RT said...

I liked him when he was healthy and not so hot-headed that it impacted his play. Good old "northern cement."

So did the Flyers fans. Heh. We loved him, but there were times. . .