Friday, February 22, 2008

Got tequila?

While pandering to voters for Obama, Ted "Where did the lamp shade go?" Kennedy decided to sing for some Hispanic voters.

1. I would have been offended. Please don't insult my intelligence.

2. How much did he drink before the song? He sounds like a drunk at the end of the bar that everyone stares at and shows pity.

Seriously. Does this man have brain damage? Did his mommy drop him on his head a few times and then get dropped kicked by his daddy in one of the Kennedy football games?

I hate when politicians think they are witty and entertaining. They aren't. EVER! That must be the result of "yes-man" disease.


USA_Admiral said...

Well, that just ruined lunch, even pizza can't put out this heartburn.

I agree with you completely, they never are funny. The only thing laughable is their performance on Capitol Hill.

Aprilwine said...

Poor idiot drunk. Guess what? I bet it worked.

RT said...

I just wish they didn't feel the need to entertain and to bring out the "dog and pony" show. Huckabee with that stupid bass guitar thing just irks me, too. I don't care about that stuff. Show that you can lead and not look like a goof-ball. Is that too much to ask?

Sadly, it probably did work, because people who go to the rallies are already the "converted" and they are willing to overlook pandering. They are also too far gone to feel that their collective intelligence is being insulted.

It makes me cringe when I see that schtick on both sides of the aisle.