Monday, February 25, 2008

Total stream of randomness

I decided to spare my students watching me cough up a lung, today. Good thing. I never would have made it through the day. I have successfully coughed up one lung, though. I'm now working on lung number two.

When I'm feeling sick, I tend to eat won ton soup. It seems to have a little more "something" that makes me feel better. So, of course that means I have a fortune cookie. Well, I had two, but true to my luck, the second one was empty. However, the fortune I did get was a nice one:

"You are one of the people who 'goes places in life.'"

Speaking of going places, I am going someplace, for the entire summer...two months...away from NJ. Anyone want to guess where I am going? I've been praying about this for years.

Something else that's totally random:

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USA_Admiral said...

My guess;

RT said...

Couldn't afford that one for two months..but that would be sweet!

Mrs Grim said...

Yes, Scotland was my first guess too.

Hm, perhaps some place a little further north? I'm thinking you would not want to go too far south during the hot summer, go back to the place you recently visited. In Virginia, was it?

I hope you feel better quickly!

RT said...

I wish! Imagine exploring another country for two months? I'd probably come back rolling my rrrrrrrr's.

I thought about a cabin in a northern climate, but believe it or not, they are a little pricey. Not going to Virginia, either. I decided the little town in the middle of nowhere would be pretty dead during the summer once the college and the theater folk cleared out.