Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh, the play Shakespeare could write

It's funny, really. As an observer of what is happening in the Democratic race for a candidate for president, I've noticed several things:

Despite his inability to say anything of real substance and stammering to come up with an answer that isn't some broad statement using the words "change" and "hope," Obama seems to be steamrolling Hillary. Well, much aided by the mainstream media who fawns over him. So aptly portrayed by SNL. (This is the only link to the SNL skit.)

Then we have Hillary. For so many years she was the feared "ice-queen" type. She ruled her domain and those around her through the use of fear. Bitch may be the new black (according to Fey and her editorial on SNL), but it does not necessarily "suit" a leader. Just how does one wear bitch? My guess? It would have to be a really warm coat. As you can see, there is no REAL love for Hillary, in my estimation I'd say "bitch" is lonely and cold.

Why do I find all of this funny? Obama and Hillary argue about non-issues while ignoring the huge issues of our safety, security, and what they'd really do--you know, they are all talk minus any real plans.

Hillary's tried and true hackneyed use of intimidation, lies, double-speak and such just don't seem to be working for her these days. It makes me wonder just how all of those things worked for so long in years past. It was the charismatic male (who the media fawned over like a lovesick 15 year-old) that promised things from a town called Hope, building a nowhere.

Essentially, she is running against her husband.


(Btw., doesn't that picture make you think Obama is going to say, "Do you smell what the 'Rack is cooking?" Heh!)


jt said...

I'd vote for the Rock before I'd vote for any of the people running...

RT said...

Well, yeah. He'd lay the smackdown on any jabroni that got in his way!

jt said...

Maybe instead of debates we should have cage matches between all the candidates....on second thought, Hillary would win that, so never mind.

RT said...

THAT would be awesome, but yeah, Hillary would win that one.