Saturday, February 09, 2008

Would you know what to do?

Well, I think Wyatt , Captain America, and Ambulance Driver would.

My mom and I were out for lunch, and a lady at the table next to ours started choking. Her daughter tried the Heimlich, but she wasn't doing it correctly. Her mother was elderly and you just know she was afraid of hurting her.

I often joke about knowing the Heimlich, but I really don't know and probably would have done exactly as her daughter had done. Fortunately, an EMT was in the restaurant and he came over to assist the lady. If he had not, I doubt she would still be among the living. It was that bad of a situation.

Two things disturbed me. First, I felt completely helpless. Had I really known how to do what needed to be done, I would have acted. Second, the staff just stood there and watched. They alerted their manager, but she just stood there and asked if the lady was o.k.

Those two things combined, I've decided to get certified in first aid/CPR...whatever it is I need to not feel useless and to not be useless if I find myself in a similar situation some day. I also emailed the home company of the restaurant to tell them that they really should require their managers to know CPR, first aid, and the Heimlich.

My parents are considered "elderly" (not that I consider them as such) and I work in a school. I think it is a good idea I learned these things.


Dee said...

Yah, my problem is I took the class twice but you have to take it on a regular basis to really remember everything.

I took it once while I was a Nanny and then right before I had my daughter. But I was always scared to death that I wouldn't be able to come through in an emergency.

I need to go to a class again.

John D. said...

Would you know what to do?

Yup, it's called the Heineken Remover. It's a technique that's been taught to barflies for years.

In all seriousness, first aid/CPR training is a good thing to have. I think that the Red Cross CPR certification is good for one year. The first aid is good for three. My wife used to be an instructor, so I used to retrain annually. When her instructorship lapsed, I stopped recertifying. But the military does require annual CPR and first aid training, so my skills haven't completely atrophied.

Wyatt Earp said...

I would have punched her in the groin. Always makes me cough something up.

Ambulance Driver said...

"Those two things combined, I've decided to get certified in first aid/CPR..."

Good for you!

There's a saying that dates back to the Napoleonic Wars, and it still holds true today:

The fate of the wounded lies with the man who applied the first bandage.

--Nicholas Senn

RT said...

I had some training when I became a teacher, but like you said, it is something that needs to be maintained yearly.

You never know when you'll need it. Hopefully, though, you will never need to use it.

I'll have to remember that technique. On you, I guess it wouldn't cause injury, eh?

It will probably have to wait until the summer, but I'm going to do it. I never want that feeling ever again.