Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Super Bowl Winner is ME!

Thanks to people all over the world that wanted to see Tom Brady shirtless, I was the lucky recipient of a hitalanche! At game's end: 487 hits! WOW!

HERE'S the reason for the hits. As you can see, my site is the second image. The image isn't even Tom Brady, it is Hugh Jackman.

I'd congratulate the Pats on an awesome Super Bowl win, but they LOST! HA HA!

This is the one and only time I have EVER screamed with delight over a Giants' touchdown.

So, thanks for the hits, Pats. I appreciate it. You made me and the Giants very happy tonight.

What are we gonna watch now that football is done for the year? American Gladiator!!!!!

BTW, because of all of this, I am now less than 100 hits away from 20,000! Yowza!


Rogue said...

Nitro has no "periphial" vision....obviously he has no mirror either or he wouldn't have gone out in public like that.

RT said...

He's got moxie! HA!

Wyatt Earp said...

Nice class move by Belichick leaving with 0:02 seconds left. Dick.

RT said...

Well, I guess the video he was studying ended and he had nothing left to watch.

What an ass. Way to be a leader. /snark

USA_Admiral said...

How long was the plane back to Boston?

How many Boxes of tissue was used?

Will Moss Cry like T. Owens did and tell the media not to blame Gisele?

Just wondering.

Ssssteve said...

That was one funny video.

RT said...

I imagine Tom sat at one of the plane and Coach sat at the other end.

Let's see if Moss returns to form.

My favorite part is when the martial arts/redneck guy is offered an ambulance and he says he doesn't have any health insurance. I think the way he says it cracks me up. I'd like to pelt people with tennis balls, too. That would be fun.