Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't tell me what I'm not ready to do.

Hello, my name is RT. I am a white, middle-class conservative, female. I am also a born-again Christian (a.k.a. Evangelical). By that very description, I am, therefore, racist, backward, and vote strictly Republican. Well, according to Pennsylvania's know-it-all governor and former mayor of Philadelphia, Ed (Haven't met a cheesesteak I didn't like) Rendell, that is what I am.

Apparently, someone like me is "not ready" to elect a black candidate to office. He thinks his win over an ill-prepared Lynn Swann is justification for his remarks.

I'd vote for a woman, an African-American, a Hispanic, or any other race if I thought that person represented my core political/social beliefs.
I do not vote for people based on how they were born. That seems to be a Democratic thing, since they seem so enthralled by the subject.

Ed, as an all-knowing, really in touch with the "little people" liberal, you should know better. But see, that's the problem. You are the provincial thinker with your hackneyed ideas about what people think and for what it is you believe people are prepared to do. You are the one that puts people into slots and pigeon holes them.

On the other hand, as a conservative, I believe in the innate potential people have to achieve their dreams through hard work and determination. I don't see people as victims, but do see the opportunities they can have if they see past their circumstances.

I don't believe that people should say to others that they are stuck in the position where they find themselves and have no hope (except via the government) of improvement.

America is plenty ready for a woman and/or a person of color. I'd rather vote for someone who actually says something other than catchphrases, though. Why? Because I can and it is my right.

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Jeffro said...

I remember that election - and I wish Lynne Swann would have won. Not because he was black (although - honestly - that would have been a plus) but because I agreed with him.

RT said...

Believe me, I love that there is a black candidate that people take seriously, for once. However, he doesn't say a whole lot and would be better off as a motivational speaker.

That's why people are so excited by him. He doesn't say anything, but he makes them feel good.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Not ready, huh?
What a sickening sentiment.

And BTW, I teach, just FYI.

God bless. :)

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

PS - I voted for Allen Keyes in the 2000 primary.
Does that count towards my non-racist points?

Captain America said...

I actually have a draft with this article saved. Unbelievable isn't he? He is such a dog. Ugh!

RT said...

Rendell gets on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

What are you thinking? We're supposed to judge people by the color of their skin. Not the content of their character.

RT said...

Sorry, weak moment.

No lie, I just heard Mr. Obama say that he's a hope monger. I'm not sure he's got the stones for the monger horde, though. He doesn't look like the bacon type.