Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weighin' in

I managed to lose a pound this week. That's good news. The changes I made to eliminate more sugars and things that I didn't realize could interfere with my thyroid seemed to work a little. (I wasn't that good the past few days.) I did feel more energy, and I was definitely not fatigued beyond Wednesday. I've also decided to work on how I deal with stress. My job isn't worth my health and I have to learn to not allow it to "get" to me. I took a day off to grade, and I don't feel guilty about it. Me? Not feeling a guilt-trip about something? Now, that is saying something! :)

I ordered a new scale (a dial instead of digital). Hopefully, it will match the scale that seems to indicate that I've lost more weight than the scale I've been using for these posts shows.


CA said...

If you really want to feel good, the next time you weigh, use the digital scale and weigh on a carpet; the thicker the better. Mine weighs three pounds lighter on a carpeted floor than on the kitchen tile. 'yuk'

RT said...

I did that when I first got my digital scale to see if I could keep it on the carpet (where I had room for it). I was happy for a minute. :)

Thanks for visiting!

USA_Admiral said...

Great job!

Maybe you could help Wyatt, he seems to be stuck.

RT said...

I'll make sure he eats lots of cake and drinks lots of soda! :)

Mrs Grim said...

Very Funny comment RT. We were discussing what to bring to the Christening this weekend at Casa de Earp, since I did not want to go empty-handed, and Grimjack suggested brownies and buffalo wings for Wyatt. Just a little sabotage!

RT said...

I already have planned what I am taking and it is a couple of things that I know he can't pass up.

(It's not money, red heads, or anything hockey related.) HA!