Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gettin' on my nerves

There are some things/people doing the Mexican hat dance on my one, last nerve-some recent pet peeves, if you will:

1. Two-faced people.

2. All of the drama and baggage that goes with teaching and advising teenagers. They really are shitty toward each other. It's depressing.

3. The slowness with which June is approaching. It needs to be June 20th, now!

4. Neighbors who fight and scream all night and then have loud sex. It makes it really hard for spinster cat ladies like me to get to sleep.

I think if I had a good reason, other than just saying, "I quit," I'd quit teaching (there are the financial concerns). Maybe I'll get as lucky as Mrs. Clifton (about 2-min. in/give or take).


John D. said...

"All of the drama and baggage that goes with teaching and advising teenagers. They really are shitty toward each other. It's depressing."

Agreed. As the father of two daughters, I'll just be happy to get them through their teen years in one piece. Is it worse with girls, or does it just seem that way to me? Of course, I think this era of media-saturation and instant communication (cellphones, texting, MySpace etc.) have made things worse.

Rogue said...

It is worse with girls.

I have two also (and one boy who graduates college in two weeks). The girls are tougher.

But, bitch slapping the parents sometimes helps to straighten out the really bad girls.

We used to be able to "shame" bad parents, now a good old-fashioned country ass-whoopin' is the only thing that works.

USA_Admiral said...

Nerves; I just don't have very many anymore. The ones I have are wore out.

When we lived in apartments (back in the AZ days) we had a couple who did the same thing. It made us laugh when they would "Go to it." It always started with an argument and ended with making up. He was a grunter and she was a moaner. It was terrible and funny. I was so glad when they moved.

RT said...

John D.
Girls are worse. They are very manipulative. The current drama I'm involved in is with two girls ganging up on a boy they feel doesn't deserve a "honor" that I gave him. They are busy playing the victim to anyone that will listen to them. Meanwhile, they are trying to intimidate him.

Sometimes the moms are exactly like the daughters (vice versa). It is uncanny.

Parents and their children ( who are like these girls, and especially kids in my district) have a sense of entitlement; therefore, there is no shame. You do what you have to in order to get ahead. At the same time, there are a lot of sweet, well-intentioned and well-mannered folks to be found. The nasty ones just stand out more, because of their attitudes and such.

They aren't even in my building! They are in the building next to mine, but my bedroom and their bedroom are right across from each other.

I hate living in apartments.

I might have been amused if the fighting wasn't a part of it. I think he smacks her around a bit. (I don't know the apartment, or I would have called the cops.)