Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random stuff

Have you ever had to explain to teenagers that when Shakespeare uses the word, "ho," he doesn't mean the loose girls?

Why is it that the one day I went to the store to pick some bananas they were all green? Now I have to wait to eat them. Dangit.

I think I'll go see Iron Man this weekend--maybe Friday after work.

I now have my official summer reading list, just for me, screw what the kids are reading:
1. Yon's Moment of Truth in Iraq
2. 1776
3. Liberal Fascism

I'm also going to take a teaching writing book and grammar book and some journalism stuff (one of the classes I teach). I will be making some major changes to my classes.

Oh, and there's a church that has ministries that match my abilities and desired areas of service. It would be cool if they ran those programs over the summer and I could be of some help.

Umm....that about covers it.

What's up with you? :)


Maggie Mama said...

Bananas: Room temperature, in a brown paper bag, with an apple, out of sunlight = speeds ripening.

RT said...

When I came home from work, they had turned yellow. That was quick. Those suckers were lime green.

Old NFO said...

On the road again... Still... sigh...

Big Bad Wolf said...

Thinking about doing the Royal Gorge this weekend, maybe a movie or two and possibly some trail walking, though that depends on the weather.

RT said...

They don't like you around the office do they? They keep sending you places. Hopefully, this time you didn't have to use your passport.

Big Bad Wolf
Your Pike's Peak post looked cool. That would have been quite a hike.

Hope you are enjoying your time in one of the prettier areas of the country. :)