Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Song

Proverbs 27:17
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to a get-together for Christian women. A co-worker invited me. We've worked together for four years, but never really discussed our faith until this year. Even though she sits right next to me, our schedules have always been so different that we hardly ever had a chance to talk.

God knows I need her sitting next to me. God also knows I've been asking Him for female, Christian friends. Since my best friend moved away I haven't really had someone I can talk to and trust.

Today, I felt very blessed to be around some great women of like-minded values and faith. One of the areas discussed by our speaker was how we have to support one another and pray for each other. We also have to "sharpen" each other as we serve God, as we can become burned out and feel isolated.

At one point in the service, the speaker brought a girl up to the front who is in her first year of teaching. All of the angst, second-guessing, burn out, and wondering about what kind of a presence for God I am, was in that girl. We prayed for her. It was encouraging for me, because for once, someone wasn't saying, "Yeah, but you get summers off." (Like that is a trade-off for no life, teenagers in your face, and apathetic parents and administrators.) Today, though, we tried our best to "sharpen" our sister in Christ.

I often feel like Christians don't do enough to strengthen each other (me included). Whether it be friends, relations, or those God has placed in our lives to love (if we are blessed enough to have those people in our lives). We take each other, and the wonderful presence of others God has provided, for granted. To me, that is denial of some of the blessings God has for us.

Yet...we wonder why our lives are so empty at times. God doesn't put people in our lives/cause them to cross our paths by accident. Maybe we should be looking to care for those God has placed into our lives, and maybe we should allow for Him to work in us to "sharpen" each other. (Meaning, we should get over ourselves and our insecurities. Taking that risk to love and care for others is way more important.)

As with any formal get-together, there was a time of worship. Here is one of the songs that we sang. You all know I love music. I love to allow lyrics to seep into my brain so that I can really think about what the writer intended (curse of my trade). The lyrics of this song just really placed into perspective God's place and power.

It was a very good day. (I totally slept through the entire Flyers' game, though. Grrrr!)

"God of Wonders"
Third Day, et al


Dee said...

Great post and wonderful song!!

USA_Admiral said...

I agree, great post. Insecurity has done more harm in relationships that anything else. Insecurity in talking about religion is something I fight with all the time.

RT said...

Thanks, and yup!

I agree, and I struggle, too.