Monday, April 07, 2008

Simple Happy Stuff

There are some really basic, simple things that tend to make me enjoy life a little more:

1. chocolate ice cream
2. movie popcorn with butter
3. cherry coke
4. watching old movies (comedies and westerns, especially)
5. watching anything involving music and/or dance
6. not wearing a watch on my days off from school
7. singing while I'm driving
8. getting pedicures (love to see my painted toes)
9. watching things that make me laugh
10. giving presents/buying stuff for other people

After Saturday's research into things that impact thyroid function, I'm going to have to get rid of numbers one through three and find new ones.

That could be fun. Do you think I can convince myself that a fresh-fruit salad is as yummy as chocolate ice cream? We'll see if I pass that test today when I take my dad out for dinner. Now, what to use as a replacement for popcorn and cherry coke? *whimper*

What are the top three simple pleasures that put a smile on your face?


fuzzys dad said...

The fisrt thing that makes me Happy is Gods Love and Grace.
My two daughters.
And my Wife.Who has brought more happiness to my life than I could have ever hoped for.

jt said...

Pickin' and fishin'...

Speaking of pickin', how are the guitar lessons going?

RT said...

Great list! We can never do without God's love and grace. A lot of days require mega doses of them.

Hello stranger!

I'm teaching an extra class and had to put the guitar aside-just not enough time to practice. By time I get home, I'm just too tired.

After I come home from Nashville, at the end of the summer, I want to pick it up again. I enjoyed it AND I understood what I had to do (felt nice). I'd take lessons over the summer, but it would be kind of weird showing up somewhere like a dork and asking for two months of lessons.

DO you ever pick and fish at the same time? :)

Rogue said...

1. Doing things with my family
2. Sleep
3. Well written lesson plans that are finished

RT said...

Numbers two and three are so elusive, aren't they?

Paul said...

Happiness is a good hot dog and a slow curve over the outside corner for strike three. :-)

jt said...

No. But I have been fishing and thinking about pickin'...

And I bet they would give you lessons for just a few months.

RT said...

I don't like hot dogs, but for some reason, the ones at the stadium are just yummy!

You could fish and then pick and sing about it.

If I went down there and went hunting for lessons, I'd feel like the biggest poseur.